Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I... am... an RN!

So I did it! I took my nclex last week on thursday, and after a whole day of bracing myself for the heart-breaking news I had worried to pieces over, I looked up my name on the az nursing website and was delighted and oh so relieved to see that I passed. I think Rial is even more glad than I am, I really worried him when I came home crying after the test.

The nclex is a test that is certainly in a league of its own. Its a computerized test and there is a special way that they do it to find out what level you are and then they give you all the questions that match it, does that make sense? And then the computer looks to see if you are getting answers constantly right or consistently wrong. And the test just keeps going and going (75 to 265 questions) until the computer figures out if you are a safe nurse or not and then it just abruptly shuts off and leaves you hanging with the worst feeling in your gut. I answered about 77 questions.

So now I job hunt. But it looks like I might have a job soon in pediatric home care. I'm hoping everything works out and I can start working soon. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

bits and pieces

Its a happy time to be alive. I was once told that high adventure lies ahead, but I think we're starting to turn that corner.

This morning my dog's water dish was covered in ice, like a little mini skating rink. And boy! was the wind ever so cold as it blew. Unfortunately for my pup meiko, I chose to forgo her walk this morning. I've been training her to run as I pedal the bike and as long as the people in my neighborhood keep their dogs locked up it works out pretty good. Its a little annoying to have to slam on my brakes so we can turn around and return the loose dog back to its owner. but it usually goes well.

I've been getting back into the gardening thing. We even got the chicken coop moved so I could have a dog-free, bone-free garden. I've found at least 4 bones buried in my back yard in the past few months, or it may have been one bone buried in 4 different places. I'm not sure. But nonetheless, I'm so excited about the garden that will come in the spring. I found some strawberries, a golden raspberry, and a green grape plant all at walmart of all places. I planted the berries in the shade because last year the sun scorched the cumberland raspberries I got. And because Rial loves me ever so dearly, I picked up a 4 ft nectarine tree at home depot for only 15 bucks!

And I'm finally cleared to take my RN boards, its scheduled for the 17th of Feb. I'm so nervous, I feel like the stakes have never been higher, but I know Heavenly Father will support me if I only let Him. Just like how Rial and I were able to get through this last year. I was working on our taxes and it is positively astounding how we were able to make it with the money we made, I am so grateful we aren't doing this on our own.