Wednesday, March 18, 2009

always, always, always read the fine print

(and new owners manuals but thats a whole different can of worms)

So right after I posted my last post, I went over to my in-laws to hang for the evening. And we got a suprise! the bank had called. (DUN DUN DUN!!!). Pause for dramatic affect... and we didn't get it. Haha, with all the drama that comes with buying your first home, its no wonder that there are multiple TV shows about it. But according to our mortage broker Jeff, the only logical reason we were denied was because there must have been something bad about the house that made it not qualify for our FHA loan, like plumbing, electrical, flooring, roofing. All that stuff and others I don't remember have to be functioning properly and stuff.

But don't feel sad for us, because we've already made another offer on another house thats even better (this one has a 2 car garage and a fireplace&woodstove and livable flooring-meaning we could live with it). It just came on the market 2 days ago, is FHA approved, and it would be just perfect for us. So we're hoping that this is what and where the Lord wants us to be and we can be done home hunting.

But, I just have to smile and keep trying because sometimes life gives you no choice but to live by faith. And the sooner I came to realize that house hunting is just one of those times, the sooner the stress and worry of whether our offer would be accepted or not was lifted away. It reminds me of the 'Flying Solo' CD by John Bytheway where we give up the airplane controls to the Copilot (by listening to the Spirit), and let Heavenly Father direct our lives, instead of trying to do it all ourself.

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Ryan & Amy said...

Hey, too bad about the house. You'll find one though! Thanks for coming last night! It was way fun.