Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We Did It!

So pictures are going to come later cause we still haven't unpack everything, but about 90% is all placed and settled, so Yay! With all that we want to change we've decided to take it slow cause we're down one income. And no, no one got laid -off, but I've (lisa) quit my job at Walton International. I got placed for the maricopa community college nursing progam at Rio Salado for the Fall Semester. It is very exciting to finally be in the last leg of my formal education, but I do miss all the great people I got to work with at Walton.

Projects we've put on hold include landscaping (front and back), painting the ceilings and walls, replacing the bathroom and laminate flooring, and fixing our second bath. But once I start working on my chosen occupation, Rial and I can get to work on it all :).

Since I'm schooling full-time, Rial has gone to working full time with a new carpet cleaning company called Zero Res. He is really liking it. Right now he's training to be a technician, so he partners up with someone who's trained and its basically learning by example and doing.

And any all who wern't able to come by last friday night for rootbeer-floats, feel free to come by and we'll give you the grand tour any time you like.


Blake and Jordan said...

Congrats on getting all moved in!

Ryan and Amy said...

Hooray for having your own house! Isn't it fantastic to know it's yours?! I just love knowing that. Wish we could have come on Friday! You're really close to my parents house, and since I go there every week day I better go over sometime soon! Congrats on getting into the Nursing program too. That's great! When do you start your classes?