Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Do you remember the movie 101 Dalmations? Though I don't know if there are very many people out in the world that have an uncanny resemblance to their owners, I did ask a lady that worked at a vet office once, if she saw that very often- pets looking like their people. She turned her head to the side and thought for a bit and surprised me by saying, "No, not really. Mostly they just have similar temperaments and such."

I had never thought about that, and it made me wonder whether or not Kuma resembled me. Keep in mind now that it was pure luck I wound up with Kuma, its not like I was cat/kitten shopping when I got her. I was walking back to the car at a gas station in safford, tagging along on Rial and Tyler Allen's car-fixing trip. 

Whether or not our temperments are spot-on, there are certain things we have in common. Like how I'll follow Rial around the house sometimes, just to be with him- Kuma likes to follow me around too. And its not even like she comes by and sits next to me, but if I'm in a room working (like now I'm typing on the couch and Kuma's sitting at the window) she'll walk in and hang out there too.   Also, I have this weird habit of sitting up on the sink when I'm doing my make-up- which my cat imitates, both with and without the water running.

Though I've never drank from a sink before, that's all Kuma- cats like it when their drinking water flows for some reason.

But all these similarities do bring up the whole Nature vs. Nurture thing. It makes me wonder if Kuma is a "copy-cat" and imitates me, or were our crossed paths more than just mere chance. I'm not sure, but it is food for thought. Which reminds me, my roast is getting done, avoire!

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Ryan and Amy said...

You crack me up Lisa! I love the way you describe things in your posts. I had a cat that would imitate my face washing and my singing. Though you could never understand the lyrics, she did stay in key most of the time.