Friday, May 28, 2010

who knew?

In addition to several green tomatoes, zuchinni, and squash, we now have beets! Though I had never in my entire life (or Rial's) ever tasted a beet before, I had some seeds last february, and a little space, so I planted them. I thought, well, if for some reason they're just not my cup of tea, I'll give them to someone I know that loves them.

Last night I cooked my first one in a plastic bowl with some salt water in the microwave for about 6-7 minutes. For all the experiences I've had with microwaving things, there are few that make the top list. The fork, varies bugs (though technically that was my brothers), marshmellows, and now beets. Beets are really neat cause its an art project and a side dish all in one.

Besides being delicious all by themselves (and Rial liked it too), the water in the bowl was turned the color of a garnet, a red as deep as blood. And oh the possibilities one could do with a deep red liquid! I thought how it could be added to pancakes, or a smoothie perhaps, or anything really in need of a little color and a few suble beet nutrients. Or one might dye clothes red (or maybe it would turn out more pink, I haven't tried it yet). or playdough, or play a prank on a young child wanting some "juice". Or possibly use it as ink for an old fashioned letter written with a feather. The options seem only as limited as one's imagination.

But I am now in need of recipes that use beets, because cooked plain is the only way I know. So if anyone out there knows a good recipe that uses beets, please, please, please share.

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