Friday, August 19, 2011

spilt beans

So as many people already know, we are pregnant! Yipee! Rial already spilt the beans on facebook yesterday, so sorry to everyone out there that would have liked to know before everyone else knew. Its hard for us to contain our enthusiasm for this next stage of our lives. As rial's mom said, "your lives will change forever." And its true; such is the joys, trials, pains, and blessings of being allowed to take this leap into the great unknown which is the future.

According to the web due date calculators April will be the month of pain and blessings for us, either sometime in the middle to a little later. And if thats true then that means we are about 3 weeks pregnant and our baby already has a heart! Isn't that incredible? We only found out 2 days ago and our little tyke/lady already has a heart! And eyes by the looks of this picture of a 3 week old. Sorry if you all could do without the image, but it fascinates me to think of all the growth that occurred in less than a month.


The only bummer thing is I've blocked out all my OB nursing due to the traumatic nature of how I was treated by my clinical instructor and should I have even breathed wrong I would be flunked immediately. I imagine for those who were not my classmates during this time period it would be difficult to understand just how awful my OB clinicals were under Yevette of Gateway. If you can imagine being stalked in the thick amazon jungles in the dark by a ravenous leopard who's guttural tones resonate the night of his need to kill and eat your flesh- then you can perhaps get a feel for just how overwhelmingly terrified I was of being failed and the resulting anxiety I have consequently incurred. I would have to be on the verge of death before I would ever consider walking out on an OB floor ever again.

So the short of it is, for better or worse, my OB nursing knowledge is locked away, safely inaccessible :), and I have lots to learn about the care I'm going to be needing, so its a good thing I've kept all my books. But the real question is does anyone know a good midwife and birthing center?


Blake and Jordan said...

Congratulations! It's such a wonderful blessing to be parents! There truly is no greater joy!

Arizona Girl said...

Congrats to the two of you!!! Hey Cory and I announced on facebook. It was a bit earlier than we wanted to announce it when we told everyone we were expecting twins, but I couldn't hide it anymore and when we found out it was twins we couldn't count on my mom keeping her mouth closed. Congrats!!!!!