Friday, August 10, 2012

maybe this time?

There must be a lot of people praying for us and our future children, because we made it past the dreaded week 7. And it kind of lit a fire in me. All of a sudden, I had to, I needed to be seen by somebody, anybody that could tell me what was going on. I called, and called. Then another miracle happened and I was able to be seen as a new patient on the same day.

I cried after I hung up the phone. I was going to be seen. For so long no one would see me. And now I was going to be seen, my unspoken fears and concerns were going to be addressed. I was so unbelievably happy.

The doctor ordered some blood work to check my hormone levels. AND I was going to get an ultrasound asap to check viability and an uncertain due date.

I cried again during my ultrasound. There was a real baby inside of there. A baby I watch moving around inside of me on the ultrasound screen. A baby that had arms and legs, and even fingers on its hands. I watched it little heart beat. It had a healthy heart rate of 170 beats per min.

Can you see his/her little hand and fingers? Its harder to see in a still picture than when watching the ultrasound movie. Sara the tech told me that based on my baby's measurements he/she was 10 weeks and 1 day +/- 5 days old. 

I feel so crazy blessed to have this. I know I could still miscarry, but I don't feel like I'm just waiting for the inevitable anymore. Its like, proof that we really do have a chance. And all the baby and pregnancy stuff I just couldn't think about before, well, its just nice to be able to. 

So keep up the praying and I'll do my best to eat with my nausea, and hopefully by march 5 2013 Rial and I will finally get to join the parent's club.


Jordan said...

Congratulations! We will continue to pray for a healthy baby and pregnancy! You guys will make great parents!

Amy said...

Beautiful! I'm so happy for you two and pray everything goes well.