Monday, August 27, 2012

Some People

I church on sunday Rial and I got to go to his cousin's farewell. It was a miracle sunday. I didn't have a headache, not even a little one. For the last 3 sundays I have skipped out on sacrament meeting due to monster headaches and only gone to primary b/c Rial can't teach our class by himself.

I was so happy to be able to finally partake of the sacrament again. Though we did miss the opening hymn and prayer. After announcements the organ began to play as usual, and then the lady right behind me began humming along, off-key. And then singing, off-key.

I started to feel annoyed, but then another miracle occurred. I remembered a little boy with brain damage I knew and have sung count-less songs with, and I thought of how poorly he sung by the world's standards. And I thought of how pure his heart was and how I felt the first time I heard him sing "I Am a Child of God", and I knew of God's love for this women and His pleasure at hearing her sing praises to Him. I wished my heart could be that pure.

Perhaps this lady wasn't like the little boy I knew, but if not, I admired her courage at not caring what the world may think of her voice, but raising it up and praising her God through song.

Either way, I was blessed to hear her sing off-key. It strengthened my testimony and made me want to be a better person.

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Arizona Girl said...

I always feel I'm that lady. But I still sing loud because singing is praying and I wish everyone understood that. If more people would lift up their voices it would all blend together more together it would be loud and beautiful.