Wednesday, May 29, 2013

10,000 miles per hour

Thats how fast life seems to fly for me. Wake up, care for Ronan, laundry, feed Ronan, dishes, feed Ronan, bounce Ronan, hold him so he'll stay asleep, watch byu devontionals on roku, hand off Ronan to my sister Cami, and go to work, come home and care for the boy again. And next day: Repeat!

I'm sitting here blinking, how can it already be june? It still feels like march (minus the heat). If variety is the spice of life, I'm about as bland as cornstarch. And I feel it. Life is too short to let it just pass by, but I guess thats easier said than done.

But as ever, life is constant change. And believe me, I'm catching onto this blah I've turned into. So along with revamping my diet (read 'nourishing traditions' its an amazing book, not just for pregnant ladies and their babies, everyone should read it) i'm also going to take house chores less seriously, cause really, the sink is never clean anyways, and laundry never goes away either, so i might as well have some fun and not stress getting it done asap. So i buy a few new songs on itunes and write a little of my thoughts down and nurse my bald little grunting child.

He is truly the most precious thing in my life. When he was born, a whole new part of my heart opened up, just for him. Which is good, because he is such a little firecracker, i've been overwhelmed not a few times. And while i might entertain the thought of giving my dogs up once in a while, I can only love Ronan and wish i was better equipped to give him what he needs.

His cousin Barrett was born a week after him. And the difference between the two is stark. Ronan is a little wiggle worm, and Barrett is calm and still. Ronan is bald and Barrett has brown hair. Ronan needs to be walked or bounced or nursed or he cries. Barrett is content resting and looking around if he isn't hungry. At least these have been my observations when our families get together. Its amazing how unique even babies are one from another.

But i supposed thats enough of my ramblings for now, at least.

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Samantha said...

Perfect description of motherhood right there! :) You're doing an amazing job with Ronan, Lisa! He is so blessed with such great parents! It is funny how different Ronan and Barrett are even as little babies! I can't wait to see them grow up together!