Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Watched It!

By the Bye, this is Lisa.

I didn't think I was going to watch it, but Walton (my workplace) broadcasted Barak Obama's inauguration today at 10:00 AM in the Boardroom. So I watched it, and it was a great speech, very elequent and it had a nice flow to it (it certainly got the crowd going). And it suprised me, as I listened most closely, that for the first 2 minutes I really agreed with what he said! After that though, as I continued to pay close attention to his words and what they meant for me and the United States of America, it saddened me.

It took me some time to digest and wade through the pretty language he used, to get at what was really said, and to figure out why exactly I felt bummed. But after I had completed the translation from Obama to Lisa Lingo, it made sense. And then I felt I should write it down (while it was still fresh in my head) so as to comemorate this moment in History in my own way.

So I typed it out and sent it as an email to myself and Rial. And this is what I wrote and figured out:

I just watched the presidential inaguration of barak obama. He said a lot of good things that I agree with. Like how we need to stand strong to the constitution and those values that our founding fathers held and esteemed. I also agree that our current economic state is largely due to people being greedy and too selfish. But he also said that we shouldn't help others out of charity, but to help them instead because our futures are intertwined, and that's not good. Both should be reasons, and the former, CHARITY, should be the main one!

Another thing I did not agree with that was impressed upon me as he spoke, is if he (and then who ever is in power in the government when he's gone) gets his way, he will be the one with the money and the power and as such, the one that distributes the wealth. I agree that those with power and wealth should have charity and be generous in helping those that stand in need. But I do not believe this task should be entrusted to the government-its just like having a king in the book of mormon with the nephites. Having a good righteous king is great (like King Benjamin or Mosiah), but when a wicked slothful king is put in charge of the affairs of the people (like Noah), the people are more-so persuaded to be slothful and wicked like unto the king or person in charge than to be industious and self-sufficient.

Because of this and the other example of the nephites (with their prosperity) in the reign of the judges, I do not believe this is the role of government-to be the caretaker of the people. I believe the government's place is to uphold and stand by its laws that govern the land, and administer justice to the people accordingly- to keep the peace; and NOT to tax and bring programs that are costly and over some time become grievous to be had (like social security). FAITH should be exercised instead, that the people will live the gospel's teachings and follow God's commandments, and have the capacity to exercise charity by their OWN FREE WILL, because of their love of God and their love of their brother or fellow man. This freedom of choice is as important here on earth as it was in the pre-existence, when we chose to follow God and come to earth.

The more people become less Christ-like and more devilish and carnal, they will not prosper. Giving the government more money and power for programs to help the people will not promote the cultivation of Christ-like attributes and therefore will not help us to become prosperous individually or as a nation.

Though our new president's intentions may be good, this path which he has chosen to follow I believe, will lead us further along towards our end. And athough he would seem on the outside through his words to be a God fearing man (he mentioned God about 4 times in his acceptance speach), because of those things mentioned above and other things not mentioned, I believe his heart is far from Him.

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