Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We had to wait a month, but it was worth it. Here's a taste of the great memories we made on our honeymoon in Florida touring Walt Disney World and Universal Studio's Island of Adventure.

We took a whole heck of a lot of pictures, but for simplicity, I'm just going to post these 2 and if you want to see the rest of them you'll have to come by sometime.

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Ryan & Amy said...

Hey! I did't know you guys had a blog! I'm glad you commented so now I know. We don't actually live in a 'house' house. We rent a condo from Ryan's folks and they are having him fix it up so they can sell it in a couple of years. I now get the benefits of having garden space though, so it's fine with me! We should so hang out sometime! Oh, and I love the wedding pictures!