Saturday, February 28, 2009

I've got a new one to add to my Cheap Thrills/Cool Date Ideas list

Having fun without spending money is GREAT stuff.

Like reading a library book,
riding a scooter,
writing a book or making a video,
playing loaded questions, catchphrase, scum and the like,
watching comedians brian reagan and demetri martin on youtube,
playing racquetball,
eating the icecream from your parent's freezer,
camping and hiking,
and scavenger hunts (the sowards are amazing at making these).

And now I have discovered a new one! Its called LETTERBOXING and its kinda like a scavenger hunt and a little like a hike, but not one. See, all over the place are these hidden boxes that have a stamp and ink inside. And using a set of clues, you find the box and then you get to stamp your letterboxing booklet to prove that you found it. You get to be outside and solve a "treasure hunt"!

Go to or google it to learn more about it and to find some to do. The website above even tells you how you can make your own.

They have these "treasure" hunts through out the states, a lot here even in the valley cities. You can also do great sites through out the state and learn a little about the place while at it.

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