Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun with blood

I got to draw blood for the first time! And I must say that Jenny had some wonderful veins for me to work with. Now don't you fret, we didn't practice on each other. Fortunately for Jenny and myself, shes not real. Jenny is actually just a fake rubber arm with fake veins and fake blood that would come out when you did the technique right.

I also got to set Jenny up with an IV. It was so much fun.

Its kinda funny, going through nursing school reminds me of what it was like to learn how to drive. I loved going our with my mom or dad and diving around town with them. It was so much fun to learn to drive stick. But after 6 months of practice, my mother said she had had enough and it was time for me to get my license. I begged my mother to wait just a litter longer so I could be sure I was ready, but it didn't work. Without more than an hours notice, I was down at the DMV. And 2 hours after that, I was walking away with my driver's license in hand, having passed the test. I had never felt so free and so chained down at the same time. It was nice being able to drive all by myself, but I could literally feel the weight of my responsibility as a driver resting on my shoulders when i drove too.

And I love going to school and learning new things about Nursing. I wish i had unlimited supplies to practice with, so i could stay after class everyday and go over all my newly acquired nursing skills, over and over and over again. But when ever I think of what RNs do and what it must feel like to be responsible for someone's life, to know that if you do anything wrong, it could have disastrous consequences, it seems like a weight almost too great to bear. But, nursing is what I love, and just like driving- the more I learn, and the more I practice safety and safe use of my nursing skills, eventually, even with that weight of responsibility, I'll be able to accomplish what I couldn't before.


Arizona Girl said...

I took a Phlebotomy course. I can do it, but I don't want to.

Ryan and Amy said...

I'm good with being a CNA, which means I don't have to know how to draw blood unless I'm trained my employer. Thankfully my employer doesn't want me to. You just must be one of those special people who can do it Lisa! I'm fine with anything else though!