Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rial's Special B-Day Cake

So lately whenever we go to visit Rial's parents, and the TV happens to be on, I always want to see if there's a cake show on. I don't know why, but I just love watching it! And a blog I've recently started looking at is called and they just show the funniest cakes, we laugh so hard. You should check it out, you'll laugh too, guarenteed. But anyways, So for Christmas Rial got me a bunch of icing colors, metal tips and a frosting bag so I could start decorating my own cool cakes too. So this was my first attempt using it. I put as much detail on it as I could, I even pin-striped the hood!
I know the lighting is bad, but i combined my red and blue coloring to make a purple grape color, in honor of the first thing we ever bought together-our old purple truck, that we sold last year for our civic.


Samantha said...

Good job Lisa!! Thats awesome!! I've always wanted to learn to decorate cakes too!

Ryan and Amy said...

Nice job! I made a paintball gun cake for Ryan's bi-day once.It wasn't as easy as it looked to actually make it look good, so kudos to you!