Monday, January 25, 2010

Splish spash I was taking a bath!

Our first finished home project! (we're still working on our kitchen cabinets). Our guest bath is now completely tiled, yippee! And a big thank you goes out to Rial's Dad who gave up many saturdays to help and teach Rial how its all done. And another big thank you to Rial for giving up his saturdays to learn. As I supervised, it was amazing how much work actually goes into it, cause along with the actual tile cutting, tile glueing, grouting, caulking, and sealing, there was three whole satudays at least of prep work that had to be done to the wall to get it ready.

Here's a close up of Rial and his Dad's fine work.


Arizona Girl said...

looking good!! Your house is so cute.

Samantha said...

That turned out awesome!!

Ryan and Amy said...

That's beautiful! Look at you and all your handy fix-ups!